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Rum Dog Rum with Lime

Rum Dog Rum is a locally crafted and regionally perfected rhum traditionnel offered by Edmonstone & MacMillan, LLC.

The families have documented dealings with trade and spirits since the 14th century. Grant’s Old and New Edinburgh tells of King Richard II empowering Sir John Edmonstone to “take 200 quarters of malt with his own vessels… to any port he please in Scotland.” 21 generations and 6 centuries later, the American cadet branch of the family is still creating spirits.

Descendants of the MacMillan clan traded lands for grains and shifted to trade and spirits. Once unified under Robert the Bruce during the birth of Scotland, the Edmonstone and MacMillan clans are again joined in the New World to offer our wares. Combining the lowland vigor with Highland persistence, a decade of hand crafted development and an inherited still, Rum Dog Rum is born.

Perhaps the world’s highest quality white rum, Rum Dog Rum’s flavor profile is the result of much toil and many trials. Artistically hand crafted with high residual sugars and even higher head temperatures, our rum is purposefully unrivaled. Twice distilled and twice charcoal filtered, the original hand crafted recipe is proofed to traditional levels. Incorporating patented processing technology, it is fashioned to provide just the right nose, texture and finish. We hope you enjoy the crisp, clean taste of Rum Dog Rum as much as we enjoy making it.

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Our Rum

Exclusively derived from pure Florida blackstrap cane molasses, Rum Dog Rum is produced and bottled just outside the historic city of Charleston, SC, Rum Dog Rum will be debuted throughout the state of Georgia.

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